HAZGUARD Dangerous Goods Cabinet

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HAZGUARD Dangerous Goods Cabinet. Suitable for the external storage of Class 3 Flammable & Combustible Liquids. AS1940 compliant.

Suitable for the storage of smaller packages, such as 10L, 20L & 50L tins/drums/carboys. Ideal for the storage of chemical waste for laboratories, universities, schools and TAFE colleges and paints/thinners/fuels used by councils, building and maintenance companies and in general manufacturing and industry.

Custom made cabinets are also available for the storage of other classes of dangerous goods – i.e. corrosives, oxidising agents, flammable solids, peroxides and poisons (all custom made cabinets are compliant with relevant Australian standards).

If required, cabinets can be adapted to suit the storage of 205L drums. Other products, including IBC/Pallet Stores are also available for quantities exceeding 1000L.


External – H: 1750mm x W: 1450mm x D: 1300mm

Internal – H: 1350mm x W: 1260mm x D: 1250mm

TARE: 380kg

Maximum Storage Capacity: 1000L

Bund Capacity: 300L



  • Compliant AS1940
  • Suitable for the external storage of dangerous goods
  • Internal bund for spillage containment, with 3 drain plugs
  • Lockable door – Camlock system
  • Pallet rail floor
  • Optional raised grated floor (pictured above – yellow). Fire resistant grating (Class 1 flame spread rating of 25 or less), non-sparking, non-magnetic, non-conductive, light weight and anti-slip grit top surface
  • Optional adjustable steel shelves – flexi strut system (pictured above)
  • Two weatherproof louvre vents
  • Door hold open system
  • Forklift tine guides (cabinet easily moved with forklift)
  • Diamond holder
  • Signage (optional)
  • Powdercoat finish