HAZGUARD Segregation Device Type II



HAZGUARD Type II Segregation Device. Suitable for the transport of 205L Drums, IBCs and smaller packages of incompatible dangerous goods.

Stringently tested and compliant with all regulations – A.D.G. Approval No. 3720.


Stringently tested and approved, the HAZGUARD Type II Segregation Device has received Approval No. 3720. The Device has also been inspected/audited and deemed 100% compliant by safety teams from some of Australia’s largest transport companies.

I.photo 2


Internal – H: 1365mm  x  W: 1265mm  x  D: 1250mm

External – H: 1650mm  x  W: 1450mm  x  D: 1295mm

TARE: 300kg

GROSS: 1600kg

Key Features

  • Camlock and hinges (galvanised steel)
  • Internal spill tray with drain plugs
  • Pallet rails, guides and internal D-Rings
  • Floor and wall stiffeners and reinforced lower door rebate for additional protection from forklift and load damage
  • Powdercoat finish – Colour of choice


Optional Accessories:

  • Forklift tine guides
  • Diamond Holder or Multi-Diamond Flip Sign
  • Grated removable floor
  • Door Hold Opener
  • Lifting lugs, slip slots or rings for strapping device to vehicle


Transport Segregation

Emergency Response – Damaged/leaking packages

Storage and transport of goods earmarked for disposal/poor condition

Transport and storage of dangerous goods between sites, project hubs, building sites, council facilities etc