HAZGUARD Segregation Device Type II



HAZGUARD Type II Segregation Device. Suitable for the transport of 205L Drums, IBCs and smaller packages of incompatible dangerous goods.

A.D.G. Approval No. 3720.

I.photo 2


Internal – H: 1365mm  x  W: 1265mm  x  D: 1245mm

External – H: 1650mm  x  W: 1450mm  x  D: 1295mm

TARE: 300kg

GROSS: 1600kg

Key Features

  • Camlock and hinges
  • Internal spill tray with drain plugs
  • Pallet rails, guides and internal D-Rings
  • Powdercoat finish – Colour range available


Optional Accessories:

  • Forklift tine guides
  • Diamond Holder or Multi-Diamond Flip Sign
  • Grated removable floor


Transport Segregation

Emergency Response – Damaged/leaking packages

Storage and transport of goods earmarked for disposal/poor condition

Transport and storage of dangerous goods between sites, project hubs, building sites, council facilities etc